Come in all rom hackers, people wanting to lern to hack roms, people who like playing hacked roms or people who want to put a rom hack up or just somone wanting to do somthing new :)
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1. Anyone can send us a rom but sadly not all can make it in, we are far to busy with out schooling\working lives and it overloads our hard-drives Sad

2. ALL submitted roms MUST be in Plain English, NO exceptions! Any rom not in English leads to immediate banning of your account, sorry this is a bit harsh but all us admins are in Australia and most our users are in English speaking country's

3. English must be used on the fourms at all times! Go to the Spanish, French, Chinese, ect. forums to speak in those languages Smile

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6. this comes under number 5 but should be said anyway respect admin and mods, we dont get paid for this, we do this voluntarily

7. no wifi/shody talk in the hacking forums, we have fourms for wifi and shoddy Smile

8. email us at the email link bellow (Currently out of date) about any iusses please PM the 2nd Admin and he will check it

9. at the email (Still out of date, SO be Careful) you can make a account appel the admins will disscus if by all the evidance provided if you can get your account unbanned or not we will email you with a reply

10. when submitting roms to us for us to put up please do not give us the base rom if you can make it a ips file (or a patch that we're able to use), it will make us exceed our computer hard-disk space/internet usage of the same file over and over again, we have the base roms, just tell us what the base rom is so we can patch it Smile

11. please download our tools before you begin hacking, it will be so much easier to hack with the tools provided. XD

12. When downloading a hacked rom if you do not have luner lips download our basic rom package with the base rom, note pad file on how to use luner lips and the .ips file otherwise download our ips and base rom package =D

13. when submiting a rom please give us a warning\rating if it is PG 13, etc. or if failure to do so will lead in a ban!

14. please do not talk about relgion here as it is offensive to others, any mention of relgion will lead in a imadte perminate ban! (Similar to rule 5)

15. absoutly NO sexual content, if you post ANY you WILL be immediately and permaintly banned! (same as 5 once again)

16. NO polotics, this is also offesinve if you post any, IMDIATE perminate ban!

17. absoultley postiviley NO refrences to hittler or nazi or any offensive material, this is offensive to SO many people, this includes your avatar,
if you do have this a imdate PERMINATE ban no exepctiotons!

18. have fun Very Happy