Come in all rom hackers, people wanting to lern to hack roms, people who like playing hacked roms or people who want to put a rom hack up or just somone wanting to do somthing new :)
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PostSubject: appel form   appel form Icon_minitimeWed Jul 21, 2010 10:44 am

Ok this is the form you must complte in order to get your account back

Dear Admins at (the fourmotion bit is not neccery)

I [insert username here] would like to appeal to have my account unbanned for I belive I was unjustly banned.

The evidence is showen down here

[provide evidence such as login patterns, main fourms posted in comon posts ect]

I also have some messages to prove this case (if any)

[display messages from users preferd print screen, note we WILL check if it has been edited with note pad! Now post a thank you like this)

I thank you for reading this and consdering unbanning my account and I do hope I can get unbaned thank you again - [insert username here]
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appel form
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