Come in all rom hackers, people wanting to lern to hack roms, people who like playing hacked roms or people who want to put a rom hack up or just somone wanting to do somthing new :)
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 Picture Gallery Rules

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PostSubject: Picture Gallery Rules   Picture Gallery Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2011 6:04 am

Hi, these are a few rules when you're using the picture gallery.

1. The pictures you are uploading must have the maximum size of 1280x1024 or less and having the file size at least under 2Mb. (As we only have a 20Mb upload limit total of all users.

2. No uploading pictures that are offensive to users otherwise get a 1 week BAN!

3. Please upload pictures that are in the right catergory. We have catergories already set out.

4. People can have their own personal alburm (not much of a rule but anyway its there if you want one)

5. No Offensive Comments or bad Ratings (Also a 1 week BAN)

6. No Offensive pictures in your alburm (Same as number 2)

7. If users keep uploading Offensive Pics to their alburm then the admins will stop this uploading of offensive pics.

8. Every now and then we might remove pics from storage to save memory, some pics might be saved though.

9. Report any offensive pics to admin or Global moderators so we can remove it.

10. Thats basically about it.

11. have fun
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Picture Gallery Rules
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