Come in all rom hackers, people wanting to lern to hack roms, people who like playing hacked roms or people who want to put a rom hack up or just somone wanting to do somthing new :)
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 How to use advance-mart evolution (Pokémart editor)

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PostSubject: How to use advance-mart evolution (Pokémart editor)   Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:45 pm

Advance-Mart Evolution is a simple program to edit items in
any poké-mart.

Just load up any valid pokémon advance rom file then choose a town\city that has a poké-mart available.
(Note: The town names are in a different language but you can tell which town\city it is by looking at the flashing dot
on the map.)

Then choose what item to change.

Not only you can change an item in any mart but you can change a certain item's price and what effect it does. (eg. A super potion can heal a pokémon by 50Hp but you can change it to heal you by 100.)
Note: The description of an item doesn't change!

To edit an item, just click Tools>Item editor or press Ctrl+P

When you finnish editing, just save it.

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How to use advance-mart evolution (Pokémart editor)
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